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Batting Cage

Our Services

  1. Membership Options:

    • General Membership: For $50 per month, individuals of all ages gain access to our state-of-the-art sports facilities. This includes facility use for up to one hour at a time with the ability to use cages and bullpens 24/7, excluding peak hours.

    • General Family Membership: Priced at $70 per month, this option is tailored for multi-child families, allowing them to access the facilities under the same conditions as the general membership.

    • Gold Membership (7U - 12U): Priced at $175 per month, this membership includes two group sessions per week and offers facility access on the same terms as the general membership.

  2. Individual Lessons:

    • Hour Session Packages: Available in packages of 6 or 12 one-hour sessions, these packages come with discounts and are valid for six months from the date of purchase.

    • 45-Minute Session Packages: Similar to the one-hour packages, these are available in sets of 6 or 12 sessions, with discounts and a six-month validity.

  3. Group Training:

    • Group Training (7u-12u): Priced at $30 per hour, this service is designed for younger athletes looking for group training sessions.

    • Group Training (13u & up): Priced at $40 per hour, this service is tailored to older athletes seeking specialized group training.

  4. Strength & Conditioning:

    • Pay As You Go (Individual): Priced at $15 per session, this service provides individualized strength and conditioning sessions.

    • Pay As You Go (Group): Priced at $65 per session, this option is for athletes looking for group strength and conditioning training.

    • Unlimited Workouts Package: Priced at $200, this package offers unlimited access to strength and conditioning workouts.

  5. Private Rentals:

    • Cage Rentals: Available for $30 per hour for all ages, these rentals provide access to batting cages.

    • Flex Space Rentals: Priced at $75 per hour, these rentals offer flexible space for various activities.

    • HitTrax with Machine Rentals: For $60 per hour, athletes can use HitTrax with a machine.

    • Machine Rentals: Priced at $20 per hour, this service provides access to pitching machines.

    • Birthday Parties: For $150, you can book a two-hour rental that includes one hour of HitTrax and one hour of flex space. Access to the lounge area with TV, couches, tables, and a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave is also included.


Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out to MES President Josh Underwood.‬

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